Bloons TD6: 5 Best Strategies For Difficult Levels (2024)

Bloons Tower Defense 6 is by no means an easy game, especially once a few particularly difficult rounds are brought into the mix! Specifically, levels such as 40, 63, 78, and 90 are going to require a great deal of strategy and timing to overcome!

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However, while there are a number of ways to surpass tough challenges, there are certainly a few specific strategies that stand high above the rest. Utilizing these game plans will take a burden off the player and make BTD6 a cakewalk! Here are some of the best strategies in the game.

5 Obyn + Druid

Bloons TD6: 5 Best Strategies For Difficult Levels (1)

Great For: Mid-Late Game

Obyn Greenfoot is a fantastic hero, viable from the moment you place him down until the end of your run! But not only is he powerful on his own but he also passively buffs all druids in his area. This strategy aims to take full advantage of that ability.

To effectively run this setup, place Obyn down in an area surrounded by lots of available land. The sooner you can get him down, the better, because as Obyn levels up, so do the Druids! Don't be afraid to place him first because he is a fantastic solo monkey for the first several rounds. Now, load up the map with Druids, and upgrade them each 4 times along the bottom path! The middle path is the optimal secondary upgrade here.

4 Ball(s) Of Lightning

Bloons TD6: 5 Best Strategies For Difficult Levels (2)

Great For: Massive bloon volumes

Once again, Druids make their way into one of the best strategies in the game. The Ball Lightning setup gets its name directly from the upgrade it utilizes, and it is just as devastating as it sounds! But the best part? The strat is unbelievably noob friendly.

Find an area on the map with lots of placement room. Ideally, there should be enough to fit about five or six Druids, but if that isn't feasible, you can go ahead and place them parallel across the road! Upgrade three of the Druids along the bottom path until they hit the Poplust buff, and upgrade the remaining Druids along the top for the Ball Lightning ability. Watch in awe as these monkeys take out the most volume-heavy rounds with ease and expand as much as necessary!

3 Alchemist + Ninja

Bloons TD6: 5 Best Strategies For Difficult Levels (3)

Great For: Early-Mid Game

Ninja Monkeys are one of the best options for taking care of the first 30 or so levels, thanks to their rapid attack speed and passive ability to attack camo bloons. However, they certainly have their shortcomings! That is where the Alchemists come into play.

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Start off by placing down a few Ninja monkeys. Let them take care of the first several rounds until you add an Alchemist into the mix! By placing an Alchemist close by and upgrading him along the top path, these Ninja monkeys will be able to pop all bloons up until the MOAB! This will allow players to save up tons of cash to make disposing of the first MOAB a breeze.

2 Striker Jones + Cluster Bombs

Bloons TD6: 5 Best Strategies For Difficult Levels (4)

Great For: Everything!

We hear you - Striker Jones is not that great of a hero. That being said, if used properly, he is capable of dealing massive explosive damage, obliterating MOAB-heavy rounds. Out of all the builds on this list, the Striker Jones + Cluster Bomb combo is easily the most cost-efficient.

To pull this off, find an area with lots of room for tower placement, and drop your Striker Jones in the center. The goal here is to load up the zone with 2-0-3 Bomb Shooters, and you will be absolutely astonished at the damage output of this strategy! But be sure to leave a bit of room for one more vital tower because a 5-2-0 Monkey Village is going to buff the surrounding towers immensely by increasing range and attack speed. Take advantage of this strat before it gets nerfed!

1 The Freeplay Strategy

Bloons TD6: 5 Best Strategies For Difficult Levels (5)

Great For: Reaching insanely high rounds

If a player is reaching rounds 200 and beyond, chances are they used this strategy. It takes a whole lot of time and an unfathomable amount of money! However, it is undoubtedly the strongest strategy in the game, and it all centers around Aora and a Super Monkey.

First things first, place down Aora, a 0-3-1 Ice Monkey, and a 1-0-5 Monkey Village, all within the immediate vicinity of a water source. The Ice Monkey should completely freeze the pond over, allowing you to place a Super Monkey on top! This is where it gets expensive: players will need to sacrifice 50K Cash worth of all monkey types to the Sun Temple upgrade on the Super Monkey. Next, you have to place down two more Super monkeys, with one upgraded fully along the middle path and the other upgraded along the bottom. Finally, finish out the build by sacrificing these two super monkeys, along with one more of each monkey type, to the True Sun God!

The build doesn't have to end there, and players should definitely place down something to give the tower Camo Detection; otherwise, embarrassing losses will ensue! Proceed accordingly, and try out other ideas to further enhance this strategy. But all things considered, this will provide a fantastic start for all rounds!

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Bloons TD6: 5 Best Strategies For Difficult Levels (2024)


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