You Could Be Missing One of Baldur's Gate 3's Best Romance Scenes If You Don't Play As The Dark Urge (2024)

The Dark Urge has a unique romance scene in Act 2 that everyone should experience.

This article contains spoilers for the Dark Urge storyline in Baldur's Gate 3.

There is an absolute truth in the gaming community at the moment: Baldur's Gate 3 has truly beautiful romance storylines to offer with each of the companions (though, let's be honest...Wyll deserves more than what he currently has). From the wine sharing with Shadowheart, to sharing moments of magic with Gale of Waterdeep, to the graveyard scene with Astarion following Cazador's defeat and so much more, there's plenty of love to give and receive in Baldur's Gate 3.

But if you haven't attempted to go through Baldur's Gate 3 as the Dark Urge avoiding their Urges and seeking to redeem themselves, not only are you missing out on an overall enhanced experience for the game, you're also missing out on one of the game's best romance scenes, one that is unique to this specific route.

I'll start by saying that I understand preferences toward romances and their corresponding scenes are entirely based on preference, and I also know it can be hard to play as the Dark Urge for those who are more sensitive to the amount of depravity this customizable Origin character presents. However, I also firmly believe that this particular Act 2 scene is something fresh – there really isn't anything like it in any other game I've experienced, at least – and beautiful, despite being entirely anxiety inducing when it first begins.

While killing Alfira in Act 1 is mostly unavoidable unless you want to take the longer route by knocking her out and having to dispose of a different NPC bard, in Act 2 the Dark Urge is presented with another task by their butler Sceleritas Fel that is a choice left to the player. While the reward for carrying out this second task and killing the Cleric at Last Light Inn is ludicrous and will massively aid in your future fights, refusing to give into the Urges and sparing the Cleric (and therefore every other soul at Last Light) rewards players with this particular scene.

The Urges demand blood, and if it's not spilled at Last Light Inn Sceleritas will visit your camp again to inform you that you will slaughter your beloved in your sleep, the same way Alfira met her Act 1 fate only with much more emotion involved, as by this point late in Act 2 there's a good chance your romance is well underway (unless you've chosen to romance The Emperor or Halsin). You can opt to give in to the Urges here and murder your beloved, or you can take your chance and put their life in the hands of fate (potentially involving some saving throws). If saying "romance scene" has you expecting a scene full of kisses and gentle touches by your companion, by now you've probably caught on that it's not exactly that type of romance scene.

While there are (of course) variations to the scene depending on your chosen counterpart, the heart of them all is still the same – your companion will tie you up to keep you from being a danger to others (and yourself), and as the two of you wait out the night they will offer words of comfort and support. Once the Dark Urge has come back to themselves and returned to control over their own actions, your partner will then reassure you that you're not alone, that they'll protect you until you're able to overcome whatever these Urges are, and more. It's a scene that should be experienced by anyone who can stomach some of the more morbid Dark Urge lines and moments from Act 1, particularly if you're someone who is after more non-physical expressions of love in the game.

What's your favorite romance scene in Baldur's Gate 3? Chat with me about the game on X @amazingspidrhan!



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You Could Be Missing One of Baldur's Gate 3's Best Romance Scenes If You Don't Play As The Dark Urge (2024)


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