Sheet-Pan Chicken With Jammy Tomatoes and Pancetta Recipe (2024)



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ithaca boxer

If you have time to let the chicken marinate in the spices, lemon juice, and olive oil, even for an hour, it makes a big difference. I added cayenne to raise the heat and bit of arugula at the end to brighten it up a bit.


Great recipe for a solo eater (or many), and very simple to make and clean up. I made a bit more of the vinaigrette and added cauliflower to roast along with the tomatoes. Served over rice. Delicious. Remaining chicken will get chopped up and added to rice bowls for lunch during the week. Love these sheet pan meals, keep the recipes coming!


This is a winner with my family. Made some slight modifications due to pandemic pantry supplies.1) Used smoked paprika instead of sweet. Fantastic.2) Didn't have pancetta or bacon or garlic. Family doesn't like garlic and I have to say it was wonderful with the smoky flavor from the smoked paprika even without the bacon/pancetta.3) Used 3x the amount of tomatoes. My view of roasted cherry tomatoes, more = better.

Bill Oehler

As this was my first attempt, I made it exactly as presented. 5 stars! Next time I will serve it with orzo or roasted baby potatoes or angel hair pasta. It was a perfect match for the white blend wine we shared.


Just what I needed after weeks of not cooking much for one! Hits all the right notes. Served on sourdough sliced so thin you could see through It. Perfect. Add lemon/evoo-dressed arugula.


I used bone-in, skin-on thighs. I also added ground coriander and ground thyme to the spice mix and threw in a few small new potatoes for starch. Had to cook it longer, but wow, scrumptious!


After chicken is done, deglaze the sheet pan with some white wine for more delicious sauce!


As others suggested, I marinated the chicken in the spices/olive oil/lemon juice and doubled the tomatoes, and used smoked paprika. Served over polenta. The smell of garlic and pancetta roasting is a lovely side benefit. If we need to be quarantined thank goodness we have Melissa Clark’s sheet pan recipes!!!

cary nyc

This dish is wonderful! The marinade is exceptional. My thighs were with skin and on the bone. A 30-minute roast was perfect. You might want to line the sheet pan with parchment to make clean up easier.


Had this twice now, first time I think there was still too much liquid on the sheet when the chicken was done. My suggestion is to start the tomatoes and garlic (and optionally the pancetta) 8-10 minutes before the chicken goes on the pan. That made for really jammy tomatoes and well roasted garlic this second time. Love the recipe it will go into our rotation


Def marinate the chicken in the am. Add 1tsp Harissa paste to the marinade. Delish!

cary nyc

To add to my other comments, I marinated the chicken all day. Makes a difference. I might double the marinade next time.

Bill Oehler

The recipe called for skinless. This eliminates your first point. Why add butter after removing rendered chicken fat - usually delicious? Seems illogical. Suggest trying original recipe instead of cooking by assumptions. This would add validity to your critique.


Absolutely delicious! I did marinade the chicken two hours as suggested by one reviewer. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!


Covid cooking: very tasty however the tomatoes do not get jammy in the time it takes chicken to cook, in small skillet over high heat and it happens quickly. Smoked paprika good choice. Added Brussels to pan, potatoes on separate pan for an easy oven dinner.


This was so easy to make and so delicious. Will definitely be put on regular rotation.


Very good recipe, and it’s easy to make. I added 1.5 tbs of harissa paste (the NY Shuk brand, always) to the bowl with the spices, oil etc. I felt like the spice blend just needed more umph, more spice. Plus harissa goes well with smoked paprika, in my opinion. Added a little water to thin it after adding the paste, mixed it together and poured it on the chicken. I tasted the oil/spice mix before adding the harissa and again after, and it was an awesome addition and improvement!!


Love this recipe, it’s become a common rotation in our dinners and we always soak all the extra sauce with bread! Since we like to double or triple it and have leftovers, I usually bake the chicken and then prepare the rest separately- otherwise the chicken won’t crisp up. I like to fry off the pancetta in a pan, remove, and then let the tomatoes cook in the same pan until they burst. You can add the drippings from the chicken back in for an even more delicious sauce!


Try a little feta in the mix with tomatoes


Delish, would be even better the next day if there were any leftovers!I used 3 strips thick bacon, started in Tramontina enamel pot. Added tomatoes after 7 min. then chicken after 10. Roasted cauliflower separate with EVOO and cumin, tossed in with chicken to serve. Yummy with fresh seedy bread to mop up juice. Might try adding white wine next time.


This was wonderful! I used smoked paprika and a few more tomatoes. I did give the tomatoes an extra 10 minutes before I put the chicken on the sheet pan. Next time I would use bone in skin on thighs, I like chicken fat, so sue me. Also, there are never enough tomatoes for me in anything, so I would probably put 3 pints at least on the sheet pan. I followed some of the other cooks’ suggestion and marinated my chicken for two hours. This will definitely be in rotation, just as tasty as can be.


Great recipe as is but sometimes I add potato a to the sheet pan too


Prepared as instructed, except I added added broccolini around the edges and marinated the chicken an hour before hand. Delicious!!

Jose Lopez

Used 10 cloves of garlic instead of 920 oz of tomatoes instead of 16Result was amazing.


More than doubled the tomatoes. Didn’t want to love the pancetta but it really adds to the dish. Added Calabrian Chilis for heat. Served with pan fried gnocchi. This dish is easy and delicious


sublime. use smoked paprika, surtout.


I make this all the time and love the recipe as is. I especially love using a spatchco*cked chicken instead of thighs and use a probe thermometer to monitor the temp as it roasts. The spice mix is great rubbed under the skin. I’ve also stirred in chunks of bread in the last 10-15 minutes for tomato-y croutons, with and without bacon or pancetta, and tonight I subbed cauliflower and squash for the veggies and sprinkled on goat cheese when it came out of the oven. So good!


Double the tomatoes if you want enough for 4. They’re so delicious 1 pint is not enough!


When I take the chicken thighs out I like to let them cool and then shred them. I cook the other ingredients for an extra 10minutes to caramelize them. I also add large diced onions and halved baby potatoes to the pan in the beginning as well. Makes an easy one bowl meal to heat up whenever you want!



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Sheet-Pan Chicken With Jammy Tomatoes and Pancetta Recipe (2024)


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