Garlic Rosemary Challah Recipe (2024)

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Have you made savory challah yet? A gorgeous aromatic, savory garlic rosemary challah to be exact. There is roasted garlic powder and freshly chopped rosemary inside the dough as well as garnished with thin slices of garlic and small sprigs of fresh rosemary. It is certainly a show-stopper and one of my favorite classic flavor combinations.

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I may be obsessed with making savory challah. Have you seen my olive oil challah with olives and rosemary, or Stuffed Challah French Toast? True winners!

I taught a challah making class a few months ago at the local Co-op and it was so much fun! Each participant braided their own challah to take home and before the class and I made a few to nosh on while they baked. And this garlic rosemary challah was the exact challah I brought to the class.

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A Few Challah Making Tips:

  • Yes you can make the dough ahead of time, just let if rise (proof) in the fridge instead of in a warm spot.
  • To freeze challah, I would suggest baking the challah in its entirety, then letting cool completely, then wrap very well in plastic wrap and then place in a sealed plastic bag and freeze. The let challah thaw and bake until warmed through.
  • The fresh rosemary sprigs may dry out in baking, so for presentation, add a few sprigs after it's baked.

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Garlic Rosemary Challah

Samantha Ferraro

Garlic rosemary challah is a deliciously savory challah, with classic flavors of roasted garlic powder and freshly chopped rosemary.

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Prep Time 15 minutes mins

Cook Time 30 minutes mins

1 hour hr 30 minutes mins

Total Time 2 hours hrs 15 minutes mins


  • 1 packet of yeast ¼ oz
  • 1 cup warm water
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • ¼ cup vegetable oil
  • 2 tablespoon honey
  • 2 whole eggs + 1 egg whisked for egg wash
  • 4 cups all purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon Kosher salt
  • 1 tablespoon roasted garlic powder
  • 1 tablespoon fresh rosemary leaves chopped finely + more for garnish
  • Coarse sea salt for garnish
  • 2 garlic cloves thinly sliced
  • Fresh rosemary sprigs about 1 inch for garnish


  • In the bowl of a stand mixer, add 1 cup warm water, yeast and sugar. Mix lightly with a fork to get all the yeast in the water and set aside for about 15 minutes. It should begin to foam up and you should see little bubbles.

  • In another bowl, whisk together the oil, honey and 2 eggs and pour mixture into the yeast mixture.

  • Using a dough attachment on your mixer on low-medium speed, gradually add the flour, salt, garlic powder and chopped rosemary, about ½ cup of flour at a time with the mixer on low. Continue to mix until everything is incorporated. The dough should begin to pull away from the bowl and come to 1 large ball of dough.

  • Turn the dough onto a very well floured surface and knead for about 5 minutes. You can use your finger to see if it's ready. Press your finger in and if the dough bounces back quickly, it's ready.

  • In a large bowl, pour a bit of oil in and place your dough ball in the bowl. Turn it around so the entire dough is covered with a thin layer of oil. Cover with a clean towel and place bowl in a warm spot. (for me, it was my oven). Allow to rest and rise for 1 ½ hours until doubled in size.

  • When dough is ready, it should have doubled in size. Punch the dough down and divide dough into 2 balls, this will be your challahs. Cover 1 ball of dough as you work with the other.

  • Divide dough into 3 or 4 pieces (depending on what kind of braid you'd like), which will be your strands. Roll each strand into a long rope all of equal sizes, about 8-10 inches in length and continue with desired braid.

  • Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and place challahs on baking sheet. Brush each challah with egg wash and sprinkle with course sea salt and chopped rosemary and place sliced garlic in the "nooks" of the braid. Allow to rest for another 30 minutes.

  • Bake challah for about 30 minutes or runtil the top is lightly golden brown.


Calories: 1316kcalCarbohydrates: 219gProtein: 32gFat: 34gSaturated Fat: 24gTrans Fat: 1gCholesterol: 164mgSodium: 1240mgPotassium: 411mgFiber: 7gSugar: 24gVitamin A: 267IUVitamin C: 1mgCalcium: 80mgIron: 13mg

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Reader Interactions


  1. Audree says

    Looks delicious! If I want to make 4 smaller loaves, how long should my strands be?


    • Samantha Ferraro says

      Hello Audree, Try 4-5 Inches that would be 1/2 the size since the recipe calls for 8-10 inches. Mini Loafs, sounds Fun. Happy New Year. Samantha.

  2. Brooke says

    Can thus be made with active yeast instead of instant?


    • Samantha Ferraro says

      Hello Brooke. Yes however remember, Active dry yeast will take about 15 to 20 minutes longer to rise than instant yeast and needs hydration prior to use. Enjoy the Holidays. Thank you for the great question. Samantha.


  3. Sylvia Meachum says

    Can I make this without a stand mixer? I don’t have one


    • Samantha Ferraro says

      Yes and I do that sometimes as well. Follow the same directions and start slowly mixing with a sturdy spoon in a large bowl, as the batter thickens, you'll probably need to use your hands to form the dough. Once the dough starts to come together, turn it onto a lightly floured surface and continue kneading the dough with your hands until it's smooth.


  4. Siobhan says

    Garlic Rosemary Challah Recipe (13)
    Soo delicious! I've never had challah before let alone made it but I'm so happy with how this turned out. I now have the confidence to try other challah flavours and perhaps even level up to a 6 braid.


  5. Lilly says

    Garlic Rosemary Challah Recipe (14)
    Never baked something like this before and I was a Little worried to try, but it came out Perfect and very yummy! Thank you very much for that!


    • Samantha says

      Thank you so much Lilly! So glad you enjoyed!


  6. Cindy says

    Garlic Rosemary Challah Recipe (15)
    I made these beautiful breads last night. They turned out just like your picture.....the only thing is, the garlic was overwhelming. I am a garlic fan too....but this almost had a bitter taste to me. Maybe it's my "taster" because my husband loved it. My question is, could I use fresh minced garlic in this recipe? I rarely use garlic powder....and I would like to try it with the minced garlic if you think it would be good. I love your recipe and it was so simple to follow! Thank you for sharing it with me and thank you for any information you can share. I want so badly to make this recipe and give as gifts with dipping oil for Christmas.


    • Samantha says

      Hi Cindy! Apologies for the late reply and thank you for your comment. I haven't tried it with fresh garlic butttt roasted garlic would be delish and certainly more mellow and sweeter. Or I'd suggest just cutting back on the dried garlic if the amount was too much. And an herb dipping oil wounds amazing!


    • Michelle says

      Garlic Rosemary Challah Recipe (16)
      Hi, thank you for this gorgeous recipe! I am unable to find roasted garlic powder at my supermarket. Would you recommend substituting regular garlic powder, or fresh garlic? I also have black garlic powder, but am not sure if it's too strong for this recipe? Thank you for any advice you can offer!


      • Samantha says

        Hi Michelle..yes garlic powder is perfect!! I've used that a number of times and comes out great. But now you're getting my curiosity spiked with the black garlic powder and for fun I would definitely try that! But I can't tell you how much?


  7. Amila says

    Garlic Rosemary Challah Recipe (17)
    Made this tonight and it turned out great! Thanks a lot fir the recipe.


    • Samantha says

      Thank you so much for commenting Amila!! So glad you enjoyed it!


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Garlic Rosemary Challah Recipe (2024)


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