Exclusive: 'His Dark Materials' gave Lin-Manuel Miranda a 'new perspective' on adapting 'The Kingkiller Chronicle' (2024)

The Kingkiller Chronicle is "still a code that's waiting to be cracked," Lin-Manuel Miranda tells EW of the long development process for the TV series adaptation.

Author Patrick Rothfuss' books, starting with The Name of the Wind, were heading to Showtime in 2017 as a planned fantasy drama with Miranda on board as one of the executive producers. Lionsgate acquired the rights in 2015 with hopes to develop not just this show, but a movie and videogame, as well. The network has since dropped the project and has been shopped around since. The good news is that Miranda shares that they are still trying to crack the code of this material and that working on His Dark Materials, a different kind of fantasy series based on a book trilogy, has offered him a "new perspective."

"I've gained new perspective on it, having been able to be a part of this other fantasy franchise and seeing how, 'Oh man, we did eight hours of story and we still didn't get all of the first book in there. What hope does a movie have?!' The answer is none," Miranda explains in an interview ahead of the U.S. premiere of His Dark Materials season 2 on HBO and HBO Max. "The real answer is a director and a script with a vision, that is a different thing [than the book] because you can't get all of Pat's incredible book into one movie, and I don't know if you can get it into one series. But it is an incredible world worth exploring, but it hasn't been cracked yet."

Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicle tells of Kvothe, who one day becomes his world's most notorious wizard but he begins as an adventuring musician. John Rogers (Leverage) was set to write the pilot episode and serve as the showrunner for the planned adaptation.

Miranda—as busy as he ever is juggling writing, producing, composing, directing, and acting—returns as aeronaut Lee Scoresby in His Dark Materials, which adapts the events of author Philip Pullman's The Subtle Knife in season 2. Premiering in the States this Sunday, Nov. 16, the new batch of episodes honors the "disorientation" that's in the books, Miranda says. "We have spent the whole first book in this very richly imagined world and then Book 2 starts and you're in a completely different universe," he explains of his experience reading Pullman's trilogy. "You start to get a glimpse of how big and epic the scope of this story is gonna be. I think season 2 of our show honors that, that disorientation that we're gonna spend time in different universes."

That show, which introduced the concept of daemons as the physical manifestation of human souls that exist outside the body as talking animals, is also a complex, fantastical world to The Kingkiller Chronicle. Witnessing this "process of adaptation" with lead executive producer Jane Tranter and writer Jack Thorne was "fascinating," Miranda continues. "Even with seven hours of TV, it still doesn't feel like we got all of it."

In terms of the multitude of other projects on his plate, Miranda says, "I'm writing scores for two animated musicals, one for Sony and one for Disney."

Vivo, the one for Sony he estimates is now "10 years in the making," tells of a music-loving capuchin monkey who makes a treacherous journey from Havana to Miami. "It's in amazing shape," Miranda notes, "and Quiara [Alegría Hudes], my cowriter on [In the] Heights, is working on the screenplay with Kirk [De Micco], our director." For the Disney animated musical, the Colombia-set Encanto, Miranda says, "It's been so exciting because with Moana it was the joy of my life but I was the last guy hired. And with this, I've been in on the ground floor. To be in on the development of an original Disney musical is such a thrill."

Miranda says he also finished composing the songs for Disney's live-action The Little Mermaid with Alan Menken before the pandemic-prompted lockdowns hit in March. "I can't wait for [the cast] to get back to work because they hadn't started rolling when everything closed down," he mentioned. "So, I'm hoping they start in earnest at the top of next year."

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Exclusive: 'His Dark Materials' gave Lin-Manuel Miranda a 'new perspective' on adapting 'The Kingkiller Chronicle' (2024)


What happened to the Kingkiller TV show? ›

What happened to Lionsgate's Kingkiller Chronicle adaptation? After 2018, the momentum behind Lionsgate's TV and film adaptations of "The Kingkiller Chronicle" began to grind to a halt. In 2019, Showtime dropped the studio's "Kingkiller Chronicle" TV series, which has since been stuck in a kind of developmental limbo.

Who owns the rights to the name of the wind? ›

Author Patrick Rothfuss' books, starting with The Name of the Wind, were heading to Showtime in 2017 as a planned fantasy drama with Miranda on board as one of the executive producers. Lionsgate acquired the rights in 2015 with hopes to develop not just this show, but a movie and videogame, as well.

Is there a third book to Name of the Wind? ›

The Kingkiller Chronicle is a projected trilogy: The Name of the Wind (2007) The Wise Man's Fear (2011) The Doors of Stone (forthcoming)

Will Patrick Rothfuss ever finish Kingkiller? ›

The release of "The Doors of Stone," the final book in Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicle trilogy, has been delayed for over a decade, leaving fans in anticipation. Rothfuss faced personal tragedy and struggled with meeting deadlines, causing further delays in the completion of the series.

What is the adaptation of Kingkiller Chronicles? ›

Twentieth Century Fox. Kingkiller is a television pilot previously in development by New Regency Productions and Twentieth Century Fox. It is an adaptation of The Kingkiller Chronicle book series by Patrick Rothfuss.

Will Doors of Stone ever come out? ›

What's the status of The Doors of Stone, the closing book in Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicle trilogy? Short answer: Yes, it's coming, but don't expect it anytime soon.

Has Patrick Rothfuss written The Doors of Stone? ›

Doors of Stone (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #3) by Patrick Rothfuss | Goodreads.

How long did it take Patrick Rothfuss to write The Name of the Wind? ›

Perhaps the most inspiring bit for writers is Rothfuss' admission that it took 15 years to shape his first novel from an initial draft into the addictive magical romp we love. A lot of personal growth and work went into crafting The Name of the Wind.

Who is Bast in the Kingkiller Chronicles? ›

Bastas, more commonly known as Bast, is a major protagonist in The Kingkiller Chronicle, by Patrick Rothfuss. He is also the main protagonist of The Lightning Tree, later revised as The Narrow Road Between Desires, which is a prequel to the Chronicle. He is a Fae who lives in the human realm with Kvothe.

Where does Patrick Rothfuss live? ›

Pat lives in Wisconsin, where he brews mead, builds box forts with his children, and runs Worldbuilders, a book-centered charity that has raised more than six million dollars for Heifer International.

What is Patrick Rothfuss doing? ›

In December 2021, Rothfuss partnered with Grim Oak Press to create a new imprint called Underthing Press. The new imprint's first project will be a reprint of Ursula Vernon's webcomic Digger, which won the Hugo Award in 2012.

Is Kingkiller a movie or TV show? ›

The Kingkiller Chronicle: The Name of the Wind (TV Series) - IMDb.

Is The Name of the Wind a series? ›

The Name of the Wind, also referred to as The Kingkiller Chronicle: Day One, is a heroic fantasy novel written by American author Patrick Rothfuss. It is the first book in the ongoing fantasy trilogy The Kingkiller Chronicle, followed by The Wise Man's Fear. It was published on March 27, 2007, by DAW Books.


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